By Appolos Christian

Borehole Drillers Association of Nigeria (BODAN) has raised concerns over several failed and abandoned boleholes across the country.

Mr Francis Uzoma, National President of the association who said this during an interactive meeting with a group of Geoscientists, Geophysicists, in Abuja yesterday, noted that it had become necessary to find possible lasting solution to the increasing failed boreholes across the country.

According to him, there are several abandon failed boleholes across the country and borehole drilling is becoming an all comer affairs which is not supposed to be.

“Some of the information we got is that people who are involved in some of these practices are the quacks who are not trained but felt that the industry is viable for making money.

“We have also found out that after the boreholes have being drilled and handed over to the communities, nobody goes back there to find out if it is functioning or not and next year it is put in the budget for another one in the same community and after one or two years again it is being abandoned.

“We want to use this opportunity to call on relevant government agencies to do the needful in ensuring that Nigerians have value for the services rendered.

“These are little problems that can be fixed if the government can collaborate with us in these areas to make them function for a longer time,”he said.

He however, said that the association have started registering professional geologists in the water sector, by giving them the identity to ensure that the are distinguished from the quacks.

He also this was to ensure that Nigerians would have value for their money and at the same time government would have database that would be use in planning the ground water level and the level of extraction in the sector.

He therefore called for stronger collaboration with government, especially the National Water Institute in Kaduna in ensuring that their members are given the opportunity to be trained.

Uzoma also said improved access to water supply and sanitation in the country was the only way to encourage Nigerians to be free from Open Defecation and also live healthy.

”There are communities that lack access to water supply and sanitation facilities, we want to call on government to see how they can work with the association in the areas to ensure that Nigeria can become ODF.

”We need all stakeholders on this very important issue because we do not want Nigeria to be label as the worest country with open defecation.

“As there is so much that we can do to ensure that Nigeria gets out of that place just like other countries have done with political will, commitment in the provision of water for its citizenry.

“So the association is very key in helping government achieve that in the areas of water and sanitation, ” he said.
Also Mr Mustaph Sulieman, a Hydrogeologist said that the meeting was apt.

According to him, we are here to discuss the way to stop quakary, we also want to get involved in the field.
” We are here to discuss how to harmonize our operations so that our clients will get value for their services and then we professionals will also get value for what we do,” he said

Sulieman said that quackery in the water sector was large and unbearable due to the money involved.

“What we now have is poorly designed boreholes that collapses in few months or in some few years, among other issues and this is unprofessional and this what needs to stand against, he said.

He also said that another reason for the interactive meeting was to fashion out ways clients gets the value for their money and also the services rendered.

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