We the above named professional association BODAN wish to express our solidarity to Mr. President and honorable minister of water resources Mrs Sarah Ochepke for successful championing the transformation AGENDA of Mr.President in water sector.

Bore hole drilling industry is poised to provide water for domestic and agricultural purposes in a defined scale.

Under the present administration of Mr. President  we have witnessed creation of jobs in the drilling industry of about thirty thousand jobs created, foreign direct investment FDI  fron Asian in tune of over one hundred million dollars $100,000. With in the last four years of Mr. President administration, training and technology transfer in water sector service delivery.

These developments has increased quest of our people in drilling industry to procure the latest drilling equipment in other to render excellent services to clients community.

We hope the government will continue to give drilling industry support through it policies and program through special funding to bailout the drilling industry from less effective machine, in other to compete globally and create jobs.

We kindly use medium to congratulate Mr.President, honorable minister of water resources and all stakeholders in water day. industry as we celebrate world water

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