Press Release

  1.  We call on all boreholes drilling companies in Nigeria and casing Manufacturers to ensure that they comply to drilling code of practice by National Water Resource Institute and Standard Organization of Nigeria.
  2.  Call on rig Manufacturing Companies in Asia, Europe and America to take advantage of abundant drilling and agricultural opportunities by sitting their manufacturing plant in Nigeria.
  3.  Call on Federal Government, State Government and Local Government to adequately fund the water sector through their various ministries of water resources since water is a necessity. –
  4.  Call on the General Public to patronize members of the association (BODAN) for effective borehole construction services across the country.
  5.  Call on all borehole drilling companies in Nigeria and African to see themselves as water and sanitation Stakeholders contribute to the development of the sector.
  6.  Call on water NGOs to synergy for the collective good of the rural communities.
  7.  Call on relevant government agencies handling borehole expatriate to do their job diligently.
  8.  Call on drilling companies to seize the opportunity of improving the drilling techniques of their respective drillers by enrolling them with the National Water Resources Institute Kaduna for their certification
  9.  Call on Osun State Government and the Commissioner of Police Osun State Command to look into the activities of tout harassing borehole drillers in Executing Government sponsor and private boreholes water project in Osun State.

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