About us

About Us

Borehole Drillers Association of Nigeria, was born out of deep concern and commitment of professional Geologist in groundwater exploration, the vision is to standardize the borehole industry in Abuja and Nigeria in General.

Our membership  include geologist, engineers, hydrologist, contractors, consultants and government employees working in ground water industry, Rig owners, pump and borehole material suppliers.

BODAN is committed in providing up to date drilling technique to its members. BODAN is well equipped with experience Leaders from BOT, to Executive and Administrative staff. BODAN helps rural communities annually with WASH programs by donation of free boreholes.

Before 2008, borehole drilling industry has been monotonic due to poor investment in cutting edge drilling techniques. A revolution in this industry started in 2006 with the entrance of Korean technology. Cost of drilling was so high but efficiency was also high due to the technology introduced. At this time, standard of practice was reasonably good while there was still room for the local fabricated equipment to work and earn a living.

In 2009/2010 there was an improved investment of drilling equipment from India to Nigeria, Abuja precisely. These machines are compact and of high speed thus deliver a borehole 2-3hours earlier than the conventional rigs.

The monopoly in the market was broken. Local rigs were shoved out of business. Along the line, Standard was being compromised. Economic principles took to play (demand and supply chain) thus a sharp decline in the cost of developing a borehole. While trying to survive and stay in business, some drilling companies now provide poor services to their client, resulting to several issues of failed borehole.

The association has among other responsibility set a target to bring all drilling companies under one umbrella to check quacks by sieving away the non professionals in the industry. To achieve this, all players in the drilling industry have been meeting to deliberate on ideas towards achieving result.

The association works in collaboration with governmental agencies such as the Federal Ministry of Water Resources, it’s associated parastatals, Council for Registered Mining and Engineering Geologist (COMEG), Standard organization of Nigeria (SON), Law enforcement agencies and other regulatory agencies all geared towards standardizing this industry.

It’s our wish to setup modalities to make this industry sustainable not compromising with standards as well as adhering to government policies guiding our operation. We wish to commend the sacrifice of   our leaders providing water to all Nigerians irrespective of tribe, religion, location and gender.